Welcome to Hessle Mount School.

We are a family owned and run independent preparatory school where children are encouraged to be themselves and reach their full potential.


We are a family first, a school second – a place where enjoyment and enrichment go hand in hand and every child is treated like our own. We are the spark that will fire your child’s inquisitive mind and inspire in them a lifelong love of learning. It’s important to us that the school environment is safe, happy and stimulating, to develop every child’s self confidence, love of learning and understanding of the world.

We embrace our traditional ethos but keep an open mind on fresh approaches to learning.

Every pupil is celebrated at whatever level and given constructive support to strive for further success. We provide a strong educational grounding and memorable experience. Children are welcomed with open arms and a huge smile. We embrace their individuality from their very first day and ensure their personalities are understood and allowed to shine. Our excellent teachers and ancillary staff are able to provide personal support to those with disabilities or those for whom English is an additional language, allowing them to prosper during their time here at Hessle Mount.

We know children discover as much in the playground as they do in the classroom, which is why we encourage learning through laughter and problem solving through play.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.