Our School Day


7.50 am: Early drop facility opens (main front door.)

8.30 am: Children from all years can enter their classrooms.

9.00 am: Registration, and the school day starts. Children who arrive late must be signed in at the front door.

11.30 am: The Pre-School morning session ends and lunchtime begins.

12.00 pm: Reception & Year 1 lunchtime begins.

12.30 pm: The Pre-School afternoon session begins. Year 2 & Year 3 lunchtime begins.

1.00 pm: Reception & Year 1 afternoon begins.

1.30 pm: Year 2 & Year 3 afternoon begins.

2.45 pm: Pre-School children may be collected from this time.

3.00 pm: Pre-School & Reception home time. After-school care begins.
(Pre-booking is not required, just give us a call or put a note in the two-way book.)

3.15 pm: Year 1 & 2 home time.

3.30 pm: Year 3 home time.

5.30 pm: After-School care closes.


At home time, all children will remain with their teacher at the exit door until collected by the appropriate parent or guardian. Any child not collected 5 minutes after the stated leaving time will be taken to after-school care, for which there is a charge. Children in after-school care have plenty of opportunity to play and relax in a caring atmosphere. They are offered a drink, fresh fruit and vegetables or toast and jam.