Starting Pre-School can be daunting for many three and four year olds, but we aim to make the transition from home to Hessle Mount as smooth and happy as possible.


This begins with our staff getting to know each parent at drop off and pick up time. Sessions are adjusted to suit the needs of each child and aims to build on what they enjoy doing the most. Although our Pre-School education is more informal, we do place emphasis on learning development in areas such as reading, numeracy and literacy. The Pre-School day runs from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

We have one-to-one reading sessions with each child, using matching cards and word games to improve understanding. We provide a two-way reading book to take home each evening and set short homework tasks twice a week. Children are encouraged to learn through child initiated play and adult-led sessions. Our facilities are designed to appeal to every sense, with specific music and movement classes. Children can also rest in our quiet room if they wish.


Our happy, homely environment is one where children excel because they are treated as individuals.


Pre-School lays the foundations for the rest of their school career, therefore developing maturity and concentration at this early age is vital. In order to create a sense of community and belonging our pupils wear the same uniform. They also have a learning journal to track their progress, friendships and ‘wow’ moments throughout their Pre-School journey. Pre-School children have the opportunity to take part in drama lessons, taught by Northern Lights Drama and French lessons taught by Kidslingo.

We know it is important for children of all ages to experience a broad and rich curriculum, and have the opportunity to develop interests at an early age.