Our Philosophy

At Hessle Mount, we believe that the quality of early years education can set the precedent for every child’s future schooling career.

We want every child to enjoy coming to school each day - to feel comfortable, confident and happy in their learning environment. We encourage pupils to form strong bonds with their classmates and we have a zero tolerance policy on any form of bullying. We welcome our pupils confiding in their teachers - no-one is ever too busy. Fostering enthusiasm is important to us, so that children are willing and able to search for answers to their problems themselves.


Safety, happiness and learning are three of our primary focuses.


The safety of our pupils is our priority. We have a comprehensive range of policies in place plus fire risk assessments, classroom safety checklists, paediatric first aid training, behaviour management strategies and evacuation procedures. We have an enforceable discipline and exclusion policy in place.

Every child’s development is important to us whether that be physical, social, emotional or personal.

Our unique approach to teaching includes classroom learning, movement, artistic expression and play, all of which help every child excel and develop into their own little person! By setting high standards and expectations for them, the children will work to the best of their ability, whilst increasing their understanding and learning. We celebrate every child’s success at any level.

Our happy, homely environment is one where children excel because they are treated as individuals. We get to know each pupil and their parents on a personal level. We believe lessons should be as individual as each of our students - our curriculum is tailored to get the best out of every pupil. Children develop and learn in different ways, at different rates, and we completely understand that!