Our History

Hessle Mount was built between 1806 and 1813 and was a family home right through until 1979.

Carol Cutting became owner of what would become Hessle Mount School in 1976, when it was known as Swanland Private School and operated from two rooms in the United Reformed Church, by Swanland pond.

Mark, Carol's son, attended Swanland Private School. Just as Sarah was about to join, the owners, Mr and Mrs Jefferson, announced that they would be emigrating to Canada and closing the school. Carol purchased the school and retained two teachers, Mrs Heelas and Mrs Willsdon, to continue to inspire the pupils and provide a solid education.

In 1978, a local solicitor friend approached Carol with a perfect new location, where the school could flourish and grow - this was Hessle Mount which was for sale. A private home at the time, it had a warm family feel and a lot of potential. 30th April 1979 was the first day of Hessle Mount School.

Carol's little school now had its own outdoor playing areas which the children could use for exercising and playing throughout the week. It also had a hall for assemblies and lunch times. Mrs Heelas organised the purchase of a piano and formed a choir which would enter Hull Music Festival each year. Annual sports days began to be held.

Hessle Mount is still a family school, with Mark and Sarah ensuring that every parent and child is still valued as much as those almost 40 years ago.

In 1996, Sarah joined the school as a Teaching Assistant while she studied to become a teacher. By 1998, Carol had been asked by numerous parents to start a Pre-School and also to provide out of school care facilities. It was realised that wrap around care was desperately needed by parents. Sarah worked alongside Mrs Ayre to start both projects joined by Mrs Black. As the new Pre-School became more and more popular, another unit was purpose-built, and Easter and summer holiday facilities were started. In 2006 the Pre-School moved into Mount Bungalow, which had been purchased next door. We are very proud of all these projects; the children are cared for in warm, caring environments, by people who know and care about them enormously.

Parents who were once pupils are now bringing their children to the school and we feel privileged to become part of their families once again. Carol’s grandchildren and those of Mrs Heelas and Mrs Riddle are now also part of the school family.