Why choose an Independent School?

‘We are a family first, a school second.’

“During the four years our son has attended Hessle Mount we have watched his self-confidence, maturity and knowledge grow out of all recognition. We have to remind ourselves that he is only just 8 years old.”

Choosing an independent school over a state school gives your child the right platform to start building a happy and successful life from an early age. Our approach to learning and schooling, combined with the philosophy of treating every child as if they were our own, opens up many more possibilities.

“I am so impressed by your teachers and the dedication that they have, often missing their own breaks to stay with him when he has ever fallen behind.”

Closer attention to the progress of every child is a key factor in the decision on whether or not to choose an independent education. Smaller class ratios and enthusiastic teachers, with the skills and motivation to develop every Hessle Mount pupil into a child who loves school, loves learning and has a bright future ahead of them.

Higher grades, tailored curriculums and classrooms full of smiling faces. Independent schools like Hessle Mount dedicate themselves to ensuring all of these qualities are ever present. Assessed throughout their time at Hessle Mount, thus providing an exclusive route into Hymers College, we take a fresh and unique perspective to discovering each pupils individual needs, allowing them to prosper, from which the grades will follow. We don’t just do mandatory, we are committed to offering the best curriculum including many extra-curricular opportunities from music to languages.

“I am so proud that my children have received the benefit of not only an excellent education but they also learnt how to be kind, considerate and mindful of others.”

Our wonderful little school and surrounding beautiful grounds make Hessle Mount a fantastic place to study, but the classroom isn’t the only place to learn. We believe that the best way to learn is through having fun, that’s why we look to expand our teaching into a number of school trips, and by welcoming a number of exciting and interesting guests to the school to give the children an enjoyable setting to learn.

“I would recommend Hessle Mount to any family considering where to send their child. Your child will excel as well as being in a very happy environment.”

Come along to Hessle Mount’s Open Morning on Saturday 9th June, and see for yourself why choosing an independent school like Hessle Mount is the right move for your child.