Teacher Feature - Mrs Adnitt

This is Mrs Adnitt - Year 3 class teacher. Get to know her a little bit more with her Q&A.

Q - How long have you been a teacher and how long have you been at Hessle Mount?
A - 24 years teaching and 12 years at Hessle Mount.

Q - What do you love most about teaching?
A - It’s never the same - always different and never dull!

Q - Why did you become a teacher?
A - It was either that or become an actress!

Q - Tell us one interesting fact about you?
A - I have too many, here’s a few, I once climbed an erupting volcano in open toed sandals and survived to tell the tale, or, I once outran a hurricane on a scooter! I have a good photo of that! Or I once waded in shark infested waters and nearly got carried out to sea - if Mr Adnitt hadn’t pulled me back who knows where I would be now?!

Jade Woodfield