Friday Assembly


Each Friday we hold a long assembly, during which merit badges and Year 3 monitor duties are awarded for the coming week. The last Friday assembly of each half-term also sees the plaques awarded for each class.

Pupils are encouraged to contribute to Friday assembly by bringing in awards and certificates they have gained to show to the rest of the school, or by singing / playing an instrument. Here are the children who have shared things with us during the past half-term:

Aaron G : medal for achievement at Ionians rugby

Tom L : medal for achievement at Ionians rugby

Harry H : medal for achievement at Ionians rugby, and a ski-ing nedal

Ashwin K : medals for 3rd (singles) and 2nd (doubles) Yorkshire badminton

Chiara & Dashenka K : 3 year attendance certificate and medal for Stagecoach

Elliott O : stage 2 learn to swim certificate and badge

Mollie S : 1st place cup and certificate for ice skating

Ethan S : Mini-Kicks achievement of the month award

Well done to all of you!