Our Association with Hymers College

Since September 2009 we have been an ‘Associate School’ of Hymers College.

We believe this association ensures the best foundation for all of our pupils and gives pupils the opportunity for  an ‘all-through’ education, thereby allowing the opportunity of a smooth transition from Pre-School through to A-Level.

Our pupils do not have to sit the Year 4 entrance examination to Hymers, and are instead tracked throughout Years 1, 2 and 3 to give Hymers a thorough understanding of each child’s potential. Provided they meet the required standards, our pupils will be offered an automatic place at Hymers for Year 4. Children joining us in Year 3 may still be required to sit the entrance examination.

We understand that Hymers College is not every parent’s preferred choice of school for their child, therefore, we will continue to endeavour to make every child’s transition to their next school a smooth one.